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What is Waze?

Waze is the largest crowdsourced navigation app in the world, with over 140 million users. When drivers get thirsty, hungry, or remember to renew a prescription while they’re out and about, this directory lets them know how nearby you are!


Who should list on the Waze directory?

Every business knows how to reach customers online, but targeting them while they’re in the car is a totally different ballgame. Waze is a must-have directory for any brand that wants to convert potential shoppers while they’re in the “digital dark zone.”

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4 eye-catching ad formats:

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Branded Pin.

When drivers are in proximity to your store, Waze drops a branded pin along their route to remind them that you’re nearby. Pin ads are a great way to promote new locations or highlight locations in high-competition areas, with a 51% reroute rate among drivers.

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Sponsored Search Ads.

Promote your location at the top of users’ search results when they’re looking for businesses just like yours. Since 25% of people click the first option they see, this is a direct route towards increased visits and conversions.

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Zero-Speed Takeover Ads.

This ad type is displayed when a user is stopped at a red light. During this break from focusing on the road, takeover banners prompt drivers to navigate directly to your location. They’re often used to showcase a promotion and boast a 54% reroute rate.

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Nearby Arrows.

If your location is not directly on a driver’s route, let them know you’re nearby. Arrows gently nudge Waze users towards your business by pointing out that it’s in the area, building an association between your brand and their route.

Waze by the numbers:

Among retailers who advertise on Waze…

navigations to QSR brands on a weekly basis

navigations to retail locations every day

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