The California-based local search marketing technology company announces today its partnership with Foursquare, the leading independent location technology company, in an important move toward improving data accessibility for all of their partners. 

In April of 2020, Foursquare announced its formal merger with Factual. Today, Foursquare’s  solutions help businesses make smarter decisions, developers create more engaging experiences, and brands build more effective marketing strategies, consumer check-in data and targeted location data to improve advertising. Today, Foursquare has over 3 billion global visits monthly. 

RenderSEO takes an important step forward in an effort to provide exclusive data to its clients by partnering with Foursquare. Given the reality of the times, it is critical for businesses to keep their listings up to date and accurate. This partnership will allow a seamless integration of all RenderSEO managed locations, ensuring accuracy and timeliness throughout.

“Our mission has always been to better serve our customers and consistently push the envelope.” says Melanie Leblanc, Director of Partnerships at RenderSEO. “Foursquare is at the forefront of the user data industry. In a time where businesses need to be as efficient as ever with their marketing spend, they offer the confidence of knowing you’re targeting the right customer, every time.”

RenderSEO emerged in 2020 as a platform focused on local search, combining business listings, reviews, store locators, and social media management all under a single interface. The partnership with Foursquare further asserts RenderSEO’s position in the local space with the ability to target users based on hyper-focused location and behavior data.



RenderSEO is a marketing technology company with the power to get local businesses found via a one-of-a-kind platform. Launched in 2020, their team of industry experts came together with an important mission: to provide first-class service to clients of all sizes, including agencies and enterprise businesses alike. The RenderSEO technology has been strategically developed to help drive growth at the local level, and it is constantly evolving to stay ahead of industry changes and developments. By tailoring their technology to unique customer needs, RenderSEO helps turn online search into in-store sales.



Foursquare is the leading independent location technology company, powered by our deep understanding of how people move throughout the world. Our solutions help businesses make smarter decisions, developers create more engaging experiences, and brands build more effective marketing strategies. Foursquare’s platform includes Attribution, Audience, Pinpoint, Proximity, Places, Pilgrim SDK and Visits. As the industry’s first and only accredited company for location data from the Media Rating Council (MRC), this foundation powers all our solutions — those that exist today and those we have yet to build. Over 14 billion consumer-verified place visit confirmations help us keep our map and models fresh and up-to-date, building a phone’s-eye-view of the world with 105 million unique places of interest worldwide. 

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