RenderSEO Adds Local Photoshoots to Its List of Solutions.

PRESS RELEASE | Orange County, September 29th, 2022

RenderSEO clients can now gain the benefits of high-quality, Google-optimized photos while saving time and money with our pre-vetted photographers or DIY options.

Today, RenderSEO, a marketing technology company, is excited to announce the official launch of their newest product: Local Photoshoot! Clients can gain access to high-quality photos either through a fully managed Professional program where the logistics of finding a photographer and planning a shoot are taken care of by the RenderSEO team; or the DIY program where they are guided step-by-step in doing the shoot themselves.


This option offers A-Z project management; RenderSEO will find an experienced photographer, organize the shoot, take and optimize photos for your selected keywords, and deliver ready-to-go pictures.

RenderSEO uses Google Vision AI to match pictures against millions of predefined categories (e.g.; dentist, vet, coffee shop, etc) and find which images send the strongest keyword signal to Google. Files are always delivered with keyword-optimized filenames, captions, and alt-tags. All that’s left to do is to upload them directly to the client’s listings, website, or across whatever channels they see fit.


If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, RenderSEO still has you covered. A mobile link will be sent to your location managers with all the instructions and guidelines needed for them to take the ideal photos with their phone. Once the photos are taken, they are graded through Google’s Vision AI, auto-enhanced, and optimized for Google’s algorithm. Photos can then be uploaded to individual location pages, websites, or to social media.




Regardless if a professional photographer takes the photos or not, the numbers don’t lie. Our case studies show that customers who upload Google Optimized photos to their GBP profiles can expect higher rankings, increased click-through and conversion rates, and more organic traffic.

Learn more about the Rise of Visual Search and impact photos have on your digital presence in our recent webinar with Mike Blumenthal here.


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