3 Ways to Prep Your Business’ SEO for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day By The Numbers:

Valentine’s Day is big business. In 2022 alone, Americans spent $23.9 Billion on Valentine’s Day.

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples anymore! According to recent statistics, people are not only buying gifts for their significant others, but also for their pets, kids, and even themselves.

As the holiday approaches, businesses of all kinds can get in on the action by targeting a wider audience and offering services tailored to the occasion.


People spent $1.7 Billion on pets alone in past years

The average US consumer spends $85.21 on their significant other

The average US consumer spends $4 to $26 on family members, classmates, teachers, friends and colleagues

45.5% of people plan on celebrating
at home

25.9% plan to get takeout
or order delivery

29% of people buy their gifts at department stores.

How You Can Best Prepare Your Business.

Gauge Interest. 

Google Trends is an incredibly useful tool for gauging interest in upcoming events and determining when is the best time to start your online and in-store marketing efforts.

Trends show that gifts for kids and pets are on the rise! If you’re a retailer, keep in mind that a higher than normal volume of people are going to be looking for children’s toys and pet accessories.

You can use this information to determine which search terms have a higher search volume and thus make smart, informed marketing choices.

For example, some variations of “for men” (“gifts for husband,” “gift for him,” “gifts for boyfriend”) outnumber gifts “for women” 3.5 to 1 last year.

Make Sure Your Listings Are Up To Date.

You’ll see interest rising and a whole new wave of traffic is about to start as 46% of those surveyed say they start their shopping in early February. Before it hits, now is the ideal time to make sure all your listing information is up to date. Think:

→ Accurate opening hours, phone number, and address

→ Adding links for delivery and reservations

→ Showing people if you offer curbside pickup

→ Adding your store’s inventory to Google

The most efficient way to do this (especially when you have multiple locations!) is with some kind of Listing Management solution where you can verify all your information’s accuracy in one place.

If you’re in the food industry, it’s especially important to make sure that opening hours, reservation links, and pickup or delivery options are up-to-date on all location listings and websites. This will make it easier for customers to find and choose your business for their Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Grocery stores, florists, and jewelry stores should also make sure their hours are up to date and clear for Valentine’s Day as those looking to cook at home or pick up gifts may be making last minute runs to the store the day of.


You know interest is growing, so it’s time to put yourself out there! Whether that be on Google, Waze ads, or in social media, it’s your job to put your brand in front of as many eyes as possible as people start getting ready for February 14th. 

With a steady rise in internet connected cars, using platforms like Google Maps and Waze to target on-the-move customers is more viable than ever. A surprising 53% of those surveyed say they’re happy to receive in-car and location-based ads.

Google listings offer a great way to keep your customers in the loop regarding everything that’s going on with your business. From Google posts letting them know about your specials to live updates on your store’s inventory, it is an indispensable tool.

Almost half (49%) of Gen Z prefer to discover new products via Instagram Stories, showing why social media should be a big part of your Valentine’s Day efforts.

Make sure to add these Valentine Day specific keywords to your listings’ photos and posts to rank organically and boost the number of impressions you’re getting.

Make a new connection this Valentine’s Day.

Whether your customers are buying baked treats for their pets, spending time with the entire family, or ordering in with a loved one, grow profits by showing up in their searches and staying top of mind.

If you’re looking to make a new connection this Valentine’s Day, maybe reach out to us?

Who knows, there might be a spark ✨